Monday, 14 March 2011

A Lillies, cupcakes and games kinda Sunday

I finally got around to making some lillies on Sunday(yesterday).
My grandchildren were visiting so they helped (well they applied a little glue!)and am quite pleased with the result but I'm sure, as with everything, the more you practise the better you get. I found the instruction on a very talented lady's blog Valitasfreshfolds

Next on the list was the Cupcake making. This is where the kidos came into their own using a cupcake maker they got for Christmas.
Don't you think they look yummy? Tasted so good!

Finally to burn off the cupcakes we played the Xbox Kinect Athletics. I actually came lst in the hurdles (oh would'nt it be good it was for real!).

Hope you had a good kinda Sunday whatever you were doing.

Vee xx

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