Monday, 17 September 2012


A Guide to re-gaining Your MOJO

Good Morning All you lovely Crafters.

Do you ever get stuck in a rut with your paper crafting?  I know I do - I thinks it's called losing your MOJO.

Well mine went for a walk and has only just come back thanks in part to the lovely TILDA ANGELS.

I bought the Tilda Sew Pretty Homestyle book some time ago and just flicked through it now and again - it's a great coffee table book - looking at the oh so pretty pictures.

Then one day, not long ago, in a land far away - STOP..STOP!  I'm getting carried away with this Angel theme.  Anyway whilst MOJO was gone I decided to have a go at making one of the Angels - just a prototype to see how easy/hard they were.

And this is Angel Prototype:
I was quite pleased with her and made Angel Proper...

and here she is:
The patterns in the book are easy to follow and the right size, no messing about enlarging etc.

I know the kits to make these can be rather expensive but I made mine from remnants of material and for the hair I used bobbly wool.

These are the ingredients for my Angels:

Body:      Curtain lining or any plain material with a hint of beige/brown colour.
Clothes:   Felt for jumper, shoes and rose/leaves and wings.  Remnant of material for skirt
                and trousers.   
Hair:        Any type of bobbly wool.
Stuffing for the body.

You don't necessarily need a sewing machine, in fact I stitched Angel Proper's face by hand, I found it too  difficult with the machine.

Here are the two of them gossipping:

There are so many more wonderful projects in this book I'm trying the strawberry cushion next.

By the way MOJO made a welcome return.

Happy Crafting
Vee xx

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